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Our Commitment to Serve You During Coronavirus Outbreak


Our Commitment to Serve You During Coronavirus Outbreak

As Portland’s premier advocate for living the pure life, Pure Life Clinic welcomes the opportunity to share what we can regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that is quickly sweeping our region. The health and safety of our clients and colleagues is our foremost concern and that will never waver.

How to stay healthy during this pandemic

We encourage our patients to follow CDC guidelines by washing your hands and using hand sanitizer regularly; keeping your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth; covering your coughs and sneezes; and staying home if you experience flu-like symptoms.

While there currently is no vaccine for Covid-19, making sure we are in the best health possible, is always a good defense to fight off illness. Here are some tips from our doctors to consider while you are staying at in place:

Take an immune support formula. This can be Immuno Plus, a broad spectrum formula designed to support the body’s natural immune response and maintain normal white blood cell activity, or Colostrum, made from the first form of milk produced by cows and containing antibodies that would protect a newborn from disease.

Take Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is a powerful immune system controller that recent research showed acts upon nuclear receptors, or substances that attach to genes and act as “light switches” that turn on or off processes that your body needs to maintain health.

Add a little spice to your diet. Besides making sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and getting enough protein in your daily regimen, adding garlic, turmeric and ginger will promote immune health. Also, consume probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, pickles, soft fermented cheeses such as cheddar and Swiss, and dark chocolate.

Drink plenty of fluids. In addition, throw a lemon wedge into your water for better hydration and squirt in some local organic honey for antimicrobial action.

Use hydrotherapy to combat fever. Fever makes for an inhospitable environment for the coronavirus. That’s why we recommend eliminating or limiting your use of Advil or Tylenol, which can lengthen your illness, and instead use hydrotherapy to harness the fever and make it more manageable.

Pure Life Clinic is here to help

Our team of doctors has plenty of tools to support your healthcare needs as we all weather this coronavirus outbreak. Please check back here for updates on clinic services and hours.

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