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Hello PLC Family

Hello PLC Family

We are continuing to serve patients through telemedicine appointments and curbside pickup for supplements and formulas. If you are sick or in pain, we can help you. See details below!

We are tentatively planning on reopening in-clinic care on Monday, April 6 for chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture. Massage services will resume at a later date and we’ll keep you posted!

Telemedicine Options:

Naturopathic Medicine
We currently have telemedicine appointments available M, W, Th, and Fr with our Naturopath Dr. Christine Kadykalo. She can provide home care suggestions if you start to feel sick, and we are offering curbside pickup for any supplements and formulas, as well as direct ship to your home from certain companies. She can call in prescriptions to local pharmacies for you. This is also a time to consult with Dr. Christine to find out ways to improve your overall health and immunity for the short and long term so you can be strong and ready. It is so important to take care of yourself right away if you start to feel sick. Even the common flu is being taken more seriously now due to the lack of medical care/supplies if it progresses. Please call at the onset of symptoms and take any illness seriously.

Chiropractic Care
We are also offering telemedicine with Dr. Pelley for any musculoskeletal problems you may be having. Although we cannot offer hands-on treatment, we can offer advice on how you can treat yourself at home through stretching or strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy, diet, sleep counseling, ergonomic advice, and supplement and pain management advice. It is amazing how our patients can improve when they take an active role in their health. You can do so much at home! We can point you in the right direction.

We will have the phones open and can help you with scheduling, payments, and insurance remotely. We will also be checking and responding to emails at

There are new opportunities to use your insurance for remote doctor visits. Margarita in our billing office can bring you up to speed on the details, or you can pay out of pocket through our affordable Patient Options program.

To schedule these appointments, call 503-288-4454.

Please be safe during these times! The best way for you to stay safe is to practice social distancing. Stay home as much as possible and practice extreme precautions if you must go out. Treat everyone you come into contact with as if they or you may be infected. People are contagious before they show signs of sickness. We will save lives by flattening the curve!

There is so much to be aware of right now, and the information can be confusing and overwhelming. We will be providing helpful posts here with some useful advice, so stay tuned.

We will make it through this! I can’t wait for the day we can open our doors again and welcome you back. I will be praying it is soon!

Stay Safe,

Dr. Melanie
Clinic Director
Pure Life Clinic