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Auto Accident Injury? You’re in Good Hands with PURE LIFE CLINIC

An auto accident injury can’t wait for treatment. PURE LIFE CLINIC is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm to care for neck, shoulder, or back pain that you sustained in a car accident. You’ll find that the practitioners at PURE LIFE CLINIC have the knowledge to diagnose your specific injuries and provide the relief you need to resume normal activity as soon as possible.

Our doctors follow CDC guidelines when they triage auto accident injury victims. We can order any imaging you may need and start the treatment you require so you can feel better right away.


Your Auto Insurance Covers Your Treatment

The good news is that if you have auto insurance in Oregon, your policy covers the cost of visiting our car accident clinic, along with any necessary treatment you receive. We’ll perform a thorough physical exam to identify the injuries you sustained and develop a treatment plan to quickly alleviate your pain now and prevent your injuries from causing chronic pain months or years down the road. Call our office today to discuss the benefits you are entitled to. We’ll make it as painless as possible to work with your insurance!

Things to Consider When Seeking Car Accident Treatment

Don’t wait! Most auto injury accident victims wait to seek medical attention until their injury gets worse – that could be weeks, or even months, after the accident. Don’t make this mistake. Let our experienced car accident pain doctors assess your injuries immediately after the incident so that what could be minor injuries don’t turn into lifelong problems because they weren’t treated right away.

Injuries aren’t always obvious. With all the stress and adrenaline resulting from the accident, it isn’t uncommon for the symptoms of car accident injuries to take days or weeks to appear. Things like concussion, “brain fog,” blurred vision, and sleep problems are all signs of trauma caused by the accident. Here at PURE LIFE CLINIC, our trained practitioners recognize these symptoms and have developed integrative treatment plans for these issues.

Personal Injury Protection plans. If your auto policy is in Oregon, any medical treatment from the result of an accident is covered under its Personal Injury Protection (or PIP) plan – typically a minimum of $15,000 and up to two years. Our front office staff know the ins and outs of PIP plans and can walk you through your claim and coverage before you spend a single dollar.

Injured while riding a bicycle? No problem. If you were riding a bike when the accident occurred, you have the same protection as a driver under your auto insurance policy.

Been seen by another medical professional?

That’s not unusual if you’ve suffered a car accident injury. Maybe you visited a hospital emergency room and had X-rays taken, or you saw your personal physician who prescribed medicine for the pain, but you know you’re not fully recovered from your injuries.

That’s where the PURE LIFE experience comes into play. Our practitioners are the finest auto accident doctors in Portland who use a wide range of specialties to pinpoint the cause of your pain and customize a holistic approach that combines natural and conventional therapies to bring your health back in your control.

Skip the Wait for Urgent Care!

Pure Life Clinic is helping auto injury patients now. If you were injured in an auto accident, don’t wait! Call PURE LIFE CLINIC today at 503.288.4454 or fill out the appointment request form below. Let our experienced car accident pain doctors assess your injuries immediately after the incident to get you treated right and on the road to recovery!

    Dr. Jason Brown and his staff are amazing. Professional, friendly, and caring in every way. Dr. Brown was very thorough in his exam and took extra time to explain his techniques throughout the exam. You will not be disappointed by your experience at the Pure Life Clinic. You WILL walk away healthier and more relaxed than you have been after your visit.

    - Scott K