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Mountain Life Clinic

67195 E. Highway 26, Unit A-1, Welches, OR 97067 PO Box 939, Welches, OR 97067


We know your health is extremely important, and we want you to live your life to the fullest. At MOUNTAIN LIFE CLINIC, we provide comprehensive individualized services that address both immediate concerns and underlying barriers to optimal health. Our integrative natural medicine techniques and treatments are rooted in science — always.

We look forward to welcoming you to MOUNTAIN LIFE CLINIC. We treat patients, not symptoms. We’re honest with you about your path to health and empower you to apply our guidance to your everyday life.

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MOUNTAIN LIFE CLINIC is pleased to offer our 360-degree holistic approach to health and wellness to the community of Welches, Oregon, and the surrounding area.

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Mountain Life Care

Chiropractic Care

Our customized chiropractic treatments bring your spine and musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment, restoring mobility to muscles and joints restricted by tissue injury or repetitive stress. Our Welches Chiropractic Doctors also treat headaches; disc injuries; sciatica; scoliosis; shoulder, jaw, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and foot problems; and more.

Auto Injury

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you can’t afford to wait another day for treatment. Our auto injury doctors have the knowledge to diagnose your specific injuries and craft a treatment plan that gets you back to normal activity as soon as possible. And remember, your auto insurance covers your treatment. Make an appointment today.

Massage Therapy

Along with relaxing the nervous system and tight muscle tissues, our massage therapists work to correct the irregularities in your body and clean out lingering inflammatory chemicals that frequently irritate tissue and become one of the root causes of chronic pain.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine practitioners can assist you in achieving optimal athletic performance or recovering from an injury. Along with concussion management, we offer individual assessments to identify postural, ergonomic, and muscular imbalances as well as customized exercise and nutritional plans to help you reach your peak potential.

Pain Management

Chronic pain takes a toll on your everyday life. Our experienced pain specialists locate the source of your pain and provide a treatment plan that not only relieves your symptoms but delivers solutions that resolve your issues permanently.


Our dedicated and responsive practitioners look forward to sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience to coordinate the best healthcare plan for you.


Dr. Jason Brown, a 2006 University of Western States graduate, has developed a thorough and contemplative clinical technique from his years of working as a chiropractic doctor. Along with a calm and caring demeanor, he has the expertise to determine the best treatment plans for his clients, focusing on improving daily habits with the goal of creating individualized optimal health.


Dr. Melanie Brown, our Clinic Director, helps people of all ages find relief from their aches, pains, and even debilitating injuries. Her loyal and enthusiastic patient base values her customized care plans, compassionate demeanor, and evidence-based approach to their healthcare informed by years of experience as a chiropractic doctor.


Cayla believes in whole-body wellness and natural medicine. With over 20 years of experience as a Medical Assistant, she understands how to facilitate a well-run clinic and fantastic patient experience. Cayla assists the doctors with targeted massage modalities, exercise training, heat and electrotherapies, and other vital tasks, while also scheduling appointments and taking care of patients' needs.


Yevhen offers diverse massage techniques to address his clients' unique needs and provide a relaxing, therapeutic experience. The East West College graduate specializes in sports massage, neuromuscular treatments, and structural massage. He loves working with athletes overcoming sports injuries to get back into the action and helping auto injury patients return to full health.


Amber is our Patient Care Coordinator. The Western Washington graduate and AAPC-certified medical coder offers exceptional service and dedication to patient care, helping to make your visit seamless, from scheduling appointments and verifying insurance to completing patient forms and answering any questions you have.

Invested in our community

As residents of the Welches community, along with our five boys, we never tire of the majestic mountain scenery, fresh air, and wealth of outdoor activities. As owners of Pure Life Clinic, a wellness clinic in Portland, Oregon, we are grateful to have this opportunity to work closer to home and serve our mountain community neighbors’ health and wellness needs.

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67195 E. Highway 26, Unit A-1, Welches, OR 97067

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