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Meet the Team


Dr. Jason Brown, a 2006 graduate of University of Western States, has developed a thorough and contemplative clinical technique from his years of working as a chiropractic physician. He works with his fellow PURE LIFE CLINIC physicians to determine the best treatment plan for his clients, focusing on improving daily habits with the goal of creating individualized optimal health.


Dr. Melanie Brown is a University of Western States graduate who combines evidence-based therapies with an intuitive approach to patient care. As Clinic Director, her primary focus is on PURE LIFE CLINIC providing timely, effective and evidence-based care while maintaining a relaxing environment.


Dr. Christine Kadykalo studied biomedical science at the University of Ottawa and naturopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Her practice involves general family medicine, focusing on mental health, women's health, and digestion issues.


Jasmine Langlois earned her associate degree from Portland Community College with a focus on pre-nursing. She has healthcare experience caring for the disabled. She serves patients at PURE LIFE CLINIC as both a medical and chiropractic assistant, helping the doctors to ensure excellent patient care.


Joel Janson graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2011 and has since earned a bachelor’s in Spanish and traveled extensively in the US and around the world. He blends Eastern and Western techniques – offering Swedish trigger point therapy, deep tissue and shiatsu styles – for an experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.


Audrey Firth trained at the East West College of Healing Arts. She has a deep appreciation for the long-term relationships she builds with her clients and proven track record of excellent results.


Elizabeth Larsen received a master's degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and is particularly drawn to sports medicine and pain management. A strong advocate for evidence-based integrative care, Elizabeth believes that together, Western and Chinese medicine create a powerful healing tool.


Joann Martin joined PURE LIFE CLINIC in June 2020 as our Patient Care Coordinator. Joann has shown unrivaled dedication to patient care during her 13-plus years as a front office administrator. The Concorde Career College grad and lifelong Oregonian loves to cook, hike, and spend time with her four beautiful grandkids (three of whom are triplets!).


Margarita Schneider brought her well-documented success as a billing specialist for both single- and multi-specialty practices to PURE LIFE CLINIC in August 2017. Margarita leads with a very hands-on approach and has developed proven strategies in all aspects of managing the clinic’s finances.

Office Team

Pure life LISTENS to your needs, wants, questions, and concerns. They create an environment that is inviting, peaceful, and comfortable. They look at the whole physical body and your social/emotional being connected. I leave every time feeling more in tune with my body and its needs, with realistic advice that I can apply to my everyday busy life.

- Katie

I always receive a great massage when I make an appointment. Always on time, great communication, friendly therapists and staff, 5 stars.

- Gregory S

Top-notch facility. They look at the whole body and understand how to bridge holistic & modern health. Can’t speak highly enough about the team there. It’s a must. You will know with your first visit.

- Jim S

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