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pure life clinic vitamin d

Tenacious D: Benefits of the vital vitamin

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally published by The Mountain Times on 03/01/2023 When we were in Maui for Christmas this year, we wanted to “bottle it up” and take it home. Our lingering colds disappeared, our moods improved, and our energy increased. Unfortunately, you can't bring the beach back with you. Instead, give yourself a little “liquid sunshine” to help you through the winter months in the form of vitamin D. Typically,...

warming wool socks

Well Adjusted: The Warming Sock Treatment

Originally posted to The Mountain Times on 06/01/2022 When you are sick and miserable from a cold, your body craves care and attention. Whether it is self-treatment, or a parent fussing over their child, the little things you do to support the body during an illness can make an enormous difference in how bad it gets and how long it lasts. Along with the coloring books from the grocery store and...

person holding heart

Help For the People of Ukraine

The unfolding conflict in Ukraine, though thousands of miles away, is personal to us at Pure Life Clinic – a valued member of our team is from Ukraine and still has family living there. And Oregon is home to one of the largest populations of Ukrainian-speakers in the United States, so we all are probably five degrees of separation from someone who has been affected by the attack on Ukraine.  At...

Don’t Overlook Hydration as Key to Good Health

Dr. Melanie Brown(Republished from the Mountain Times Newspaper, Welches, Oregon) As we settle into winter, many of us find it much more appealing to stay under the covers in the cold mornings as we start to feel those aches and pains and mental sluggishness. One thing we often forget to ease this transition—and improve our overall health—is hydration. We often think of thirst as our first indicator of dehydration. However, chronic dehydration...

woman in mask getting accupuncture

Acupuncture, Anxiety, and Stress, Oh my!

Don’t let stress and anxiety rule you, instead let Pure Life Clinic soothe both your mind and your body. The last year and a half have been trying times for everyone. Now, with the world opening up again and vaccinations increasingly available, we are all facing simultaneous relief and anxiety - for some more one than the other. Everyone has stress - but that doesn't make it healthy. Stress causes inflammation in the...

New Year’s Tips for Your Back and Neck

Being a chiropractor, I am in a constant state of gait and posture analysis, drastically changing my people-watching habits. I consistently observe a predominance of poor head posture in patients and the general population—specifically, an anterior head carriage. Like roads that need restriping, I see backs and necks that need rehabilitation....