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At Pure Life Clinic, we are deep believers in the body’s resilience and innate healing power. One of our organs that work overtime to keep us healthy is our liver. Dr. Christine Kadykalo explains that while many of us associate the liver as the organ that processes alcohol, our bodies actually rely on our liver as our powerhouse of toxic waste filtering. The health of our liver effects our hormones, mental health, digestion, metabolic functioning, and cardiovascular system.

The liver is quite similar to our water purifying pitchers in our fridges. Toxins from our environment and foods frequently enter our blood stream. Our blood is always filtering in and through our liver. Much like our water purifiers, the livers job is to filter out these toxins. However, as is the case with chronic alcohol consumption, our livers can grow tired and damaged from continuous filtering and metabolizing of chemicals. This denigration of our livers can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, a host of negative symptoms if we do not support our liver health. Similarly, we should remember to replace the filters in our water purifiers when it is due!

                What can we do to support our liver’s ability to regenerate itself?

  • Exercise improves our circulation, which betters the flow of our blood in and through our livers, helping us detox.
  • Trying to avoid toxins such as those found in chemicals in cleaning products and pesticides is important, but it is impossible to avoid all toxins.
  • This is where diet can help us out. Consuming fruits and vegetables such as beets, lemon, and cruciferous vegetablessuch as broccoli is beneficial for the liver. Cleanses can also be helpful.
  • Sweating and sauna use support our cleansing response as well.
  • Working with a naturopath is the best way to obtain individualized diet recommendations, learn about appropriate herbs to support the liver, and see if a cleanse style diet is a good option for you. Dr. Christine Kadykalo is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Contact our office if you would like to become part of our health community and see how naturopathy can support your liver and your life.
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