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With the arrival of spring comes blooming trees, budding flowers, and their unfortunate side effect – seasonal allergies. While most people buy their yearly bottle of antihistamines and call it a day, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are often more effective in the treatment and prevention of seasonal allergies.

When most people think of acupuncture, they think of the treatment of pain. Acupuncture has become famous for its ability to treat pain conditions, but part of what makes acupuncture so effective in the treatment of pain is its ability to reduce inflammation.

During an allergy attack, your body releases histamines that signal the body to increase blood flow to the area of irritation (usually your sinuses and nostrils). The increased blood flow leads to swollen, hot, and inflamed tissues that block your airways and produce mucus in an attempt to protect your skin from the invasive pathogen or pollen. 

Acupuncture can reduce the inflammation, mucus production, and irritation that occur during an acute allergy flare and even downregulate the histamine response, thereby leading to fewer flares in the future.

Many patients experience immediate relief from acupuncture, feeling their nostrils and sinuses open as they lie on the table. And when used preventatively or consistently throughout the allergy season, patients notice a decrease in the severity of their allergies overall.

Acupuncture gives your body a break from the inflammatory allergic response while activating the body’s innate healing power. Allergies, from a Chinese Medicine response, are not ‘normal,’ but the result of a deficiency in your immune system. Western pharmaceuticals may relieve some of your symptoms, but they can’t guide your body back towards a balanced, allergy-free existence.  

Chinese herbal medicine draws from over 2,000 years of utilization and knowledge.  There are many common botanical remedies that can reduce the body’s inflammatory response and help reduce sinus pressure and congestion, and relieve mucus secretion and build up in the throat and airways. 

Consider acupuncture for your allergy needs this spring season. Contact our office to book an appointment with Sara or Scott or to find out more about how acupuncture can empower you to feel and move the way you want to this spring.

Give us a call 503.272.1893 to discuss your options and meet with one of our practitioners!

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