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healthy joint function

Gently restoring healthy joint function

By Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally posted at The Mountain Times on 03/31/23 Our professor in chiropractic school would say, “We do not crack backs; we restore healthy joint function!” Unfortunately, some people shy away from chiropractic therapy because they don't like the idea of their joints being “cracked.” Thus, most chiropractors don't use that terminology to describe chiropractic joint manipulation. In fact, some cringe at the term, but some of...

cranial puzzle head bones

The Dynamic Puzzle of Your Head Bones

Originally posted by Dr. Melanie Brown at The Mountain Times on 02/01/23 Nancy Sullivan, MD, proclaimed as she taught our craniosacral class, “Tell your patients, ‘You're not a coconut head!’” She was talking about the skull's puzzle-like flat bones and zipper-like connections or “sutures.” Our anatomy instructor in chiropractic college said that he only occasionally saw fusion of head bones in geriatric cadavers but not in the general population of adults. A Sacro-Occipital...

herniated discs back pain

Improving Herniated Discs Without Surgery

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally posted to Mountain Times | January 1, 2023 Discs are the shock absorbers of our spine. They hold space between the bones of the spine, called vertebrae, to allow movement. If looking at discs from above, they consist of outer cartilaginous rings, called annular fibers, and a soft inner gelatinous “nucleus pulposus,” which moves within the disc with changes in posture. It's kind of like a jelly...

chiropractic doctor working on neck

Well Adjusted: Exactly What Is Chiropractic Care?

Written for the Mountain Times Oregon by Dr. Melanie Brown | Published 04/01/2022 I became interested in chiropractic care due to my stepmom's experience. She had been seeing a neurologist for numbness in her right leg. After three MRIs and several tests, she had no answers. Her neurologist gave her two options — exploratory surgery or chiropractic care. She visited a chiropractor who x-rayed her standing up and found the problem, which...