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Author: Melanie Brown

cranial puzzle head bones

The Dynamic Puzzle of Your Head Bones

Originally posted by Dr. Melanie Brown at The Mountain Times on 02/01/23 Nancy Sullivan, MD, proclaimed as she taught our craniosacral class, “Tell your patients, ‘You're not a coconut head!’” She was talking about the skull's puzzle-like flat bones and zipper-like connections or “sutures.” Our anatomy instructor in chiropractic college said that he only occasionally saw fusion of head bones in geriatric cadavers but not in the general population of adults. A Sacro-Occipital...

herniated discs back pain

Improving Herniated Discs Without Surgery

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally posted to Mountain Times | January 1, 2023 Discs are the shock absorbers of our spine. They hold space between the bones of the spine, called vertebrae, to allow movement. If looking at discs from above, they consist of outer cartilaginous rings, called annular fibers, and a soft inner gelatinous “nucleus pulposus,” which moves within the disc with changes in posture. It's kind of like a jelly...

stress affects adrenal health

Stress and Its Impact on Adrenal Health

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally Published at Mountain Times | December 1, 2022 Our body reacts quickly to stress, so we can respond accordingly. This innate survival tool allows us to jump away from a fast-coming car or fight off a surprise attack. The adrenal glands, which sit above our kidneys, emit cortisol when activated by chemicals in the brain. We become alert and ready for fast action. Our pupils dilate, our...

Autumn Cleanse

Welcome the Changing Seasons with an Autumn Cleanse

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally published in The Mountain Times, November 1, 2022 We all feel the weather shifting these past couple of weeks. This decrease in sunlight and warmth causes extra strain on our bodies as we adapt to the changing seasons. An autumn cleanse might be just the cure. Many people will notice that symptoms of pain, mental sluggishness, fatigue, and depression appear or increase at this time. It...

healthy eating

Healthy Eating Can Improve School Performance

Dr. Melanie Brown Originally published in The Mountain Times on 09/01/22 School is back in session, and many parents will get back to preparing school lunches for their kids. The local universal free lunch program ending in the public schools gives us another incentive to prepare lunches at home. However, they might worry about how to promote healthy eating when they're in a hurry every morning to get out the door. PURE LIFE...

warming wool socks

Well Adjusted: The Warming Sock Treatment

Originally posted to The Mountain Times on 06/01/2022 When you are sick and miserable from a cold, your body craves care and attention. Whether it is self-treatment, or a parent fussing over their child, the little things you do to support the body during an illness can make an enormous difference in how bad it gets and how long it lasts. Along with the coloring books from the grocery store and...

Take Steps to Healther Feet

Well Adjusted: Take Steps for Healthier Feet

With all the options for footwear and orthotics, it is often hard to know what to buy to have healthier feet. When in chiropractic school and more conscious than ever of making good decisions for my joints and muscles, I splurged on a pair of trendy, but orthopedic, clogs. I had previously worked as a certified nursing assistant in a hospital, and I noticed that the nurses always wore them,...