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healthy joint function

Gently restoring healthy joint function

By Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally posted at The Mountain Times on 03/31/23 Our professor in chiropractic school would say, “We do not crack backs; we restore healthy joint function!” Unfortunately, some people shy away from chiropractic therapy because they don't like the idea of their joints being “cracked.” Thus, most chiropractors don't use that terminology to describe chiropractic joint manipulation. In fact, some cringe at the term, but some of...

pure life clinic vitamin d

Tenacious D: Benefits of the vital vitamin

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally published by The Mountain Times on 03/01/2023 When we were in Maui for Christmas this year, we wanted to “bottle it up” and take it home. Our lingering colds disappeared, our moods improved, and our energy increased. Unfortunately, you can't bring the beach back with you. Instead, give yourself a little “liquid sunshine” to help you through the winter months in the form of vitamin D. Typically,...

stress affects adrenal health

Stress and Its Impact on Adrenal Health

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally Published at Mountain Times | December 1, 2022 Our body reacts quickly to stress, so we can respond accordingly. This innate survival tool allows us to jump away from a fast-coming car or fight off a surprise attack. The adrenal glands, which sit above our kidneys, emit cortisol when activated by chemicals in the brain. We become alert and ready for fast action. Our pupils dilate, our...

Autumn Cleanse

Welcome the Changing Seasons with an Autumn Cleanse

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally published in The Mountain Times, November 1, 2022 We all feel the weather shifting these past couple of weeks. This decrease in sunlight and warmth causes extra strain on our bodies as we adapt to the changing seasons. An autumn cleanse might be just the cure. Many people will notice that symptoms of pain, mental sluggishness, fatigue, and depression appear or increase at this time. It...

Pure Life - Good Health and Nature

Nature Walks Can Start You Down Path to Good Health

Dr. Melanie Brown | Originally published in Mountain Times | October 1, 2022 We ran into friends at Wildwood Park for the second time a few weeks ago. When I said, “Fancy seeing you here again,” they asserted that nature walks were a part of their healthcare plan. Brilliant! If only more people would think this way! No “magic pill” exists for good health, but nature cures! Time in nature is...

healthy eating

Healthy Eating Can Improve School Performance

Dr. Melanie Brown Originally published in The Mountain Times on 09/01/22 School is back in session, and many parents will get back to preparing school lunches for their kids. The local universal free lunch program ending in the public schools gives us another incentive to prepare lunches at home. However, they might worry about how to promote healthy eating when they're in a hurry every morning to get out the door. PURE LIFE...