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Dr. Melanie Brown, DC

Dr. Melanie Brown combines the evidence-based education she received at University of Western States with the practical experience she’s gained through clinical work to build a loyal patient base that appreciates her dynamic and compassionate approach. Dr. Melanie enjoys the variety of options that chiropractic care offers. Along with manual adjusting, she utilizes therapies such as cranial mobilization, hot and cold therapy, kinesio taping, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, whole-food-based nutritional supplements, and much more.

When not treating her patients at PURE LIFE CLINIC, Dr. Melanie is proud to serve the North Portland community and share her passion for chiropractic medicine. She opened PURE LIFE CLINIC in 2006 with her husband, Dr. Jason Brown, and draws inspiration from her day-to-day interactions with her colleagues, who teach her ways to expand her healthcare knowledge.


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