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Dr. Jason Brown, DC

Dr. Jason Brown graduated in 2006 from University of Western States in Portland. He discovered the benefits of chiropractic care to balance the body and enhance performance as a youth competitive athlete, going on to earn an undergraduate degree in exercise sports science and working as a personal trainer prior to becoming a chiropractic doctor.

Dr. Jason opened PURE LIFE CLINIC with his wife, Dr. Melanie Brown, in 2006 and later opened MOUNTAIN LIFE CLINIC with her to serve the Welches community. He now works exclusively at the Welches clinic.

Over the course of his career, he has developed a thorough and contemplative clinical technique along the way and works with his fellow MOUNTAIN LIFE CLINIC physicians to develop the best mix of treatments that create the “well-oiled machine” a body should be. From injury recovery to wellness care, he offers customized treatment plans that complement adjustments with other modalities. He also teaches home exercise plans.

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