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Chiropractic Care


Alexander Yett studied exercise science at Western Oregon University, focusing on kinesiology and biomechanics to provide him a well-rounded understanding of the human body. His guiding principle in treating patients is that an active person is a happy person, whether a casual stroll or a warrior dash.

Dr. Jason Brown, DC

Dr. Jason Brown, a 2006 graduate of University of Western States, has developed a thorough and contemplative clinical technique from his years of working as a chiropractic physician. He works with his fellow PURE LIFE CLINIC physicians to determine the best treatment plan for his clients, focusing on improving daily habits with the goal of creating individualized optimal health.

Dr. Lindsay Pelley, DC

Dr. Lindsay Pelley’s evidence-based approach to chiropractic care allows for dynamic and effective treatment plans focused on pain relief and lasting long-term results. She emphasizes sports medicine in her practice, concentrating on injury prevention and recovery, as well as optimizing body function through sport-specific biomedical assessments. The New Jersey native is a graduate of University of Western States.

Dr. Melanie Brown, DC

Dr. Melanie Brown is a University of Western States graduate who combines evidence-based therapies with an intuitive approach to patient care. As Clinic Director, her primary focus is on PURE LIFE CLINIC providing timely, effective and evidence-based care while maintaining a relaxing environment.


Kathy Keymolen has worked as a chiropractic assistant for several years and recently completed her schooling to become a massage therapist. She has a passion for promoting self-healing through the power of massage and aspires to help people on their journey to better health.