Spring Allergies Got you Down?

There are many natural treatments that can offer immediate relief as well as long term relief. Combining the two is the best way to achieve true clarity from those difficult seasonal allergies that can hold you back this time of year!

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Brittany Stephenson
How to Diagnose and Recover From Whiplash Injury

We see patients all the time that are suffering from whiplash and often times people just don’t understand why they didn’t hurt immediately after an injury, but a few days later were in excruciating pain. Or how to tell if their pain is in fact from whiplash. We came across this article on Very Well Health and wanted to share it with you.

We hope this article helps you diagnose and understand recovering from whiplash a little bit better.

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Melanie Brown
Breast Cancer and Naturopathic medicine

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, increasingly effective screening methods have led to fewer adverse outcomes. Along with prevention of side effects, naturopathic medicine plays a great role in preventing recurrence as well as preventing onset in those that are at high risk of developing breast cancer. 

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Concussions from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

A concussion is a brain injury that results from blunt trauma to the head or from violent shaking causing the brain to hit against the skull. Brain cells often are damaged and local blood flow can be impaired. Local swelling often occurs to the site of injury alongside inflammation. Acupuncture, cupping, and herbal medicine can significantly decrease healing time.

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