Our Approach

At Pure Life, we approach your healing and health holistically. 

We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, exercise therapy and nutritional counseling in a relaxed setting.

Every patient receives a case-by-case plan of care, where we thoughtfully select the right combination of disciplines to effectively address the cause of your pain and facilitate your body’s healing. When you step through our doors, you'll find a caring community of knowledgeable and skilled professionals who are committed to your complete and total well being.


We’re glad you’re interested in setting up a personal visit with Pure Life.






Dr. Jason Brown graduated in 2006 from WSCC in Portland. Since his days of being a competitive athlete in his youth, he has understood the benefits of chiropractic care to balance the body and enhance performance. His undergraduate degree was in Exercise Sports Science and he worked as a personal trainer before becoming a chiropractic physician. His technique is thorough and contemplative, he is always looking for the best mix of treatments to create the "well-oiled machine" a body should be. 



Dr. Melanie Brown is a dynamic and compassionate healer who enjoys the variety of options that chiropractic care offers. Along with manual adjusting, Dr. Melanie utilizes therapies such as cranial mobilization, hot and cold therapy, Kinesiotaping, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, whole food based nutritional supplements and much more. She combines the evidence based education she received at Western States Chiropractic College with an intuitive approach to patient care.



Dr. Lindsay Pelley’s experience with chiropractic care spans back to her athletic adolescence. After seeking chiropractic treatment for a soccer-related injury, Lindsay developed an understanding and appreciation for the broad array of ways in which chiropractic care can promote wellbeing. Dr. Pelley is a recent University of Western States graduate. She understands wellbeing as living well, and her holistic approach places emphasis on equilibrium of both mind and body.


MEGAN DAWN Chiropractic Assistant

Megan has been with Pure Life Clinic since November, 2015. She acquired her Chiropractic Assistant License in May, 2015. Working closely with doctors, patients and clinic staff has enriched Megan's own health and continues to inspire her in fulfilling ways. She grew up on a rural certified organic farm in Southern Idaho and has practiced ballet and contemporary dance most of her life. She moved to Portland in 2009 to further her artistic education at Pacific Northwest College of Art and now calls Portland "home".





Scott earned his Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University, where he honed his respect for integrating the wisdom of ancient Eastern cultures with the scientific advances driving modern medicine.  As a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, he is part of a growing body of clinicians who are shifting away from a disease-based model of medicine and are treating the whole patient by integrating intentional nutrition, lifestyle habits and environmental factors to promote optimal wellness for his patients.



Logan Delaney uses the lens of Chinese medicine to view and treat the whole patient’s psyche and body systems to successfully alleviate patients' health complaints. All treatments are custom tailored to the individual. He uses the tools of acupuncture and herbal therapy to correct deep imbalances in the body to bring his patients vital health and prevent disease.





After watching friends and family suffer from chronic pain for years, Amanda knew she wanted a career where she could help people. She discovered massage and recognized how beneficial it was as a tool for pain management and stress relief. She uses deep tissue and myofascial release techniques as well as Swedish massage to address the needs of each individual client. She went to East West College of the Healing Arts shortly after moving to Portland from a small town in Connecticut. During her free time you're likely to find her out hiking with friends or lost in a book.



Carrie Anderson graduated from East-West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon in 2001 and has been practicing massage therapy ever since. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, which compliments her holistic approach to bodywork. Most of Carrie’s experience with massage has been in the therapeutic treatment environment. She has worked with chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists treating patients with acute and chronic pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and post-surgery treatments.



This New Jersey native recently relocated to Portland from Boston, after spending time working in Mental Health Counseling. Erik swam competitively for 8 years, throughout his High School and Collegiate career. A happy accident brought him to massage therapy and bodywork where he felt a deep connection that was missing in academia. His goal for the future is to return for his Masters in Mental Health Counseling, where he can integrate bodywork to guide clients toward well-being and promote a deep sense of being fully present through body awareness and physiological education. 



Evelyn began working at Pure Life Clinic in October 2016. Evelyn has been passionate about chiropractic care since she was first treated in 5th grade for a slight curvature of the spine. She started at the clinic as a front office administrator, then became a chiropractic assistant and she has now reinstated her massage therapy license. 



Kailyn assists her clients with the natural ability to heal through massage, intention and care. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Myomassologist from Detroit, MI where she studied at Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2011. Her healing inspiration comes from traveling, meeting other healers, and loving her mother and grandmother, both practicing nurses for over 40 years.



Audrey graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2016. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from Portland State University. She cose to focus on massage therapy because she loves the holistic nature of the work and enjoys the progress she sees in her patient's wellness. Audrey is trained in Deep Tissue,, Neuromuscular Therapy Swedish Massage. She tends to integrate these modalities to provide both a relaxing and therapeutic experience. 



Jackie studied bodywork at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in Amma Therapy- a style of massage which provides a holistic approach to health and well-being rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine. She utilizes Amma, acupressure, deep tissue, Swedish massage and Craniosacral techniques to relax the mind and body onto the path of healing. She also utilizes ancient complementary techniques in her treatment space such as Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha. 

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Heidi began her career as a Massage Therapist in 2010 with a focus on the western modalities of swedish, deep tissue, and sports injury rehabilitation. In recent years her education and focus has become an eastern approach of holistic healing focused on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and chakra balancing. She studied Shiatsu at the Oregon School of Massage and has advanced training in prenatal massage techniques. Every therapeutic session is catered to the clients ailments and their specific needs, utilizing techniques from different modalities with an energetic focus on healing.


Office Team



Jen relocated to Portland from Chicago after growing up in the Midwest. She spent 10 years working at a pet boarding facility as a dog handler and groomer. She then worked for law firms in Northwest Indiana and Chicago for 6 years and earned her Paralegal Certification in 2010. After moving to Portland, she wanted to move out of the legal world and into a profession where she could learn about alternative healthcare and be a part of a healing practice.

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Lisa started working at Pure Life Clinic after graduating from Clark College with an AAS in Paralegal. She is a busy mother of 3 who holds 3 jobs and volunteers with Second Chance Companions and Vancouver School District. Above all else Lisa is passionate about her family, her community, and a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time Lisa enjoys reading 18th century novels, cooking, politics, and camping.

Holly Fritts

Holly studies Liberal Arts at Portland State, with a focus in women's studies. After gaining her BA, she anticipates gaining a Masters in Social Work before working with disenfranchised women or youth. She is grateful to work in an environment that emphasizes healing, and enjoys learning about mind and body health and creating a hospitable environment for patients. When she is not working or studying, Holly volunteers with a local nonprofit and enjoys camping, exploring local art and apparel, and staying active.

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Margarita started working at Pure Life Clinic in August of 2017. She moved from California to Oregon in 2012. She has demonstrated success in the health care field as a billing specialist over 5 years, and entered the medical field over 12 years ago. In that time, she has worked in single and multi-specialty practices. She leads with a very hands-on approach to the daily operations of these organizations and has developed proven strategies in the management of billing, personnel, budgeting, marketing, contracting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and strategic planning.